Knights of Columbus 11570




The Knights of 11570 has done it again!

On March 3, 2018, our family lost a very sweet and dear Lady, Maw-Maw.  Brian Thibodeaux was asked if he would cook a couple of Briskets for a fellowship Dinner.  He said "YES", and when I ask him what we needed, he told me, "Don't Worry about this, we got it". We got it was an understatement!

Brian grabbed the Ball and Ran with it.  He got the Knights involved and provided my family with an outstanding dinner.  The Setup, Presentation and Everything was Perfect! I would bet the look on our faces were priceless when we walked in!  There are no words that can express the gratitude and appreciation to you all.  I want to thank all the Knights of Council 11570 for everything they do and a very special Thank You to Brian, Abel, James and the Puigs!  At a very hard and stressful time, they put a smile on my wife's face and that means the Word to me.

God Bless You All

Scott Robinson



Joseph Polasek recognized and awarded for his 30 years of Continuous Commitment and Dedication to the Youth of OLOA.  If you ask any of our future Leaders i.e. the Kids and Young Adults, he would be their “Uncle Joey”.

Good Job Uncle Joey, we need more people Just like You!




Sister Mary Joseph, Abel Gutierrez & Bishop Mulvey.





What a Great Group of Guys!  Helping Ms. Weller Move.


Anyone Hungry?






Hospitality Sunday!!!

Please join us for a Hot Breakfast and Fellowship on the 3rd Sunday of each month,

following the 8am and 10am Mass, in the Parish Hall


Texas Knights Provide Relief
to Harvey Victims
and First Responders

March Birthday's

Julio Salinas - 8th

Joseph Polasek - 26th

April Birthday's

Ed Polasek - 3rd

Roger Anderson Jr. - 5th

Fidel Jimenez - 8th

Donald Atkins - 8th

Trey Repka - 19th

Robert Puig - 29th

Happy Birthday Guys!  Thank you for Everything you do!


2017 Christmas

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