| Online Faith Formation

You now have access to a user account under completely FREE of charge to every parishioner in our parish.

If this resource is of interest to you, please follow the steps below to access your FREE membership through Our Lady of the Assumption Church.

Register for FORMED on a website:

  1. Visit this website:
  2. Enter your parish name or zip code: Our Lady of the Assumption (Ingleside) or 78362
  3. Enter your name and email address
  4. Log into your email account for an email from FORMED and click the link to begin using the service.

    Download the APP / Register for FORMED:

  1. APP on Apple Device:
  2. APP on Android Device:
  3. After downloading the APP, login with the email you used when you signed up under the parish name (see instructions above to sign up before using the APP). Thanks!

CLICK HERE to read a letter from Fr. Pat Higgins and Crystal Matern, DRE, regarding this new service available for our parish!

   LEARN MORE: is a ministry of the Augustine Institute and is available via website and also as an app you can download to your phone or device. It is a valuable resource with high-quality media – videos, lessons, children’s videos, movies, and more, provided in both English and Spanish. This service offers a great way for us to learn about the faith together, find answers to questions, grow in understanding, engage in prayer, and even discover entertainment as a family in a way that will help foster a deeper relationship with Our Lord.

We are considering offering to the entire parish for a full year after this free trial, but before we sign up for that service we want to determine how many of our parishioners will actually create an account and watch online (or download the app and watch on phones/devices). Knowing whether this service is wanted and used will help us make an informed decision. In the event that the service is helpful for a good number of parishioners, a donor within the parish has offered to cover the cost for one year if the service is well used during the trial period (available through May 26, 2020).